Studio work can be tiring but great fun as well.


Adopt a minefield gala


Had the chance to go to the Adopt a minefield gala where Paul McCartney & Jusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) played. I know I look a twat in the monkey suit but that guy I'm standing next to is Sir George Martin the guy that produced all the best Beatles stuff. Spoke to all of them and others. One of the greatest evenings I've ever had.


Abbey Road


Was over in UK for a while, that's why there's not been much happening here.

Finally got over to Abbey road, kind of funny really, this place and what happened inside was a big factor in why I'm here still playing today.

Have to say a big thankyou to Sir George Martin for some of the greatest recordings ever made and so many of them were made inside the studios here.

Keep up the great work guys.