Berger Kirche 9th July 2011



Having made the new album “It’s about Time” it seemed a good idea to promote it!

To start with a gig was arranged at the Berger Kirche Düsseldorf, I lived there for quite a few years and because of that I had a few connections.

72 came along allowing a nice intimate atmosphere, Boris Hanzer, friend and producer of all of my cds joined me for the second half of the evening adding that extra touch.

It was a great evening and also money was raised for the Diakonie who gave me the church free for the evening, thanks Heinz Franzmann.

Next will be Bochum or Essen, not sure which or when but with luck, some time this Autumn.

Bad Honnef



                              Martini Markt in Bad Honnef - 29th & 31st of October.

                      One of the nicest weekends this year, hope to be back next year.





                                                                  June 2010

                                     Weather was kind and the after show party's were great

                                                          Maybe back for 2011


NRW 60


                                                    It was a pretty nice day out.

                                        The sound was ok, the weather was kind to me,

                                   I never broke a string and the voice wasn't bad either.



Steiger Awards


                  This was at the Steiger Awards in Casino Hohensyburg in January 2005


Otmar Alt Stiftung


                                                 A day at the Otmat Alt Summer party.

                                                   Notice how he's looking at my cd's


Förderverein Konjungtur


                                                              An evening in Bottrop



                                  I went up to the Island of Juist in 2004. Had a great time.




                          Played with a band in what was the old Star Club where the Beatles played


World Cup


                        Yes we had the world cup!!! I had a couple of gigs down in Mönchengladbach.

             Nobody came, silly twat never done any advertising but the guy who done the sound -
                        Mickey Bernard from - Show-Business - was great. Thanks Mickey.