Osnabrück 9th & 10th April


                          What a great weekend, the sun finally done its job. Made some new fans as well.

                              Haven't taken many pics for a while but with the sun out like this .....



Oldenburg - 15th January 2011


                          Weather, Public & Ordnungs amt were all very kind to me today.



Duisburg - 15th May 2010


                 Hadn’t played here in years, sat under Otmar Alts’ monster and had a great time.



Neuss 9th of May 2010


                                  The public liked me but the Veranstalter didn’t, shame.


Münster - Aasee - 18th of April 2010


                                         two days with sun, seems so long ago now.


Oldenburg - 17th of April 2010

                          First sunny weekend of the year, nice to get outside playing again.    
                                                         Will be back again soon.


Osnabrück - 21st of November 2009


Would have been nice to play for longer but our friends from Ordnungsamt decided I shouldn’t be able to play with my amp! The beggar was on the corner when we arrived, she was there when we left, seems it’s ok to beg but don’t work hard and become self sufficient because then they won’t be able to control you.

Es wäre schön gewesen für länger zu spielen, aber unsere Freunde vom Ordnungsamt entschieden, dass es mir nicht erlaubt ist mit meinem Verstärker zu spielen! Die Bettlerin an der Ecke war da als wir kamen und sie war da als wir gingen. Zu betteln scheint ok zu sein, aber arbeite nicht hart und werde nicht selbstständig, weil sie dann nicht mehr in der Lage sind Dich zu kontrollieren.


Nürnberg - 2009


                                     Down in Nürnberg for the Blue Ball evening.


Dortmund - 2009


                 Dortmund on a Sunday can be pretty quiet but sometimes the peace is nice.


Münster - 2009


                          The Amt are being nice to me at the moment in Münster. Thanks guys.

When the sun shines here, it's a great place to play and you get great food at the market.


Essen in the 80's


                                              Always one of my favourite places to play.


Barcelona - 1982


                                             This was down in Barcelona in the 80's


Amsterdam & Paris - mid 70's




Dortmund Early 70's left - Late 70's right


                                                      Another great Ruhr-Gebiet city


Aix-en-Provence - ca. 1975/6


                        One of the first French towns I visited. Loved it then, love it now.